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    Stuff I Wonder About Hockey

    I usually don’t have a favorite team, but I finally decided Rik Nash was a totally hottie & I want to be a New York Rangers fan.  The only thing is, I live in Southern New Jersey & my local NHL team [Philadelphia Flyers] isn’t really the most appropriate place to wear a New York Rangers "I <3 Rick Nash" tee shirt. 

    So I was thinking — what if I get one of those “Potvin Sucks" Tee Shirts.  Even though they wouldn’t technically be playing against the Islanders, everyone from New York [including Rick Nash] would know I was a New York Rangers fan.  But it’s not like anyone in Philadelphia would care whether or not I disliked Denis Potvin or argue as to whether or not he sucks. 

    So is this a fair compromise?  Or do I just go all out & get one of those “Girls Like their Hockey Dirty Filthy NASHty” Tee-Shirts & tell all the snooty bitchy Philadelphia Fans to go fuck off if they have a problem with it?

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    *** Contest *** Free To Enter *** Art Prints *** Original Photography

    Carey Price Montreal Canadiens Goalie 5x5 Graphic Design Art Print Contest
    [2 Winners Will Be Selected]
    Details:  I just opened an eBay store to sell unique Art Prints of photographs I shot during the 2013-14 NHL Hockey Season.  To help spread the word about the new store, I’m giving away several small test copies of Art Prints on TNG-Photography.tumblr.com [Tumblr] site.

    I selected several designs for the contest & will have a separate contest post for each image.  Only image posts with contest information are  part of the contest.  [But feel free to ‘like’ or tumblr reblog  any posts]. 

    Rules & Prizes :
    - The top two users to have followers [or other users] reblog this post from their blog [aka The two Tumblr users whose names appear the most after the “reblogged this from” in post notes] each receive ONE [1] 5x5” Glossy Art Print of Carey Price Montreal Canadiens Goalie Test Print [Similar to one of the designs shown in the photo.]

    These and 150+ other NHL Hockey Original Art Prints are available for sale at my new eBay Store http://stores.ebay.com/tng-photography

    The Fine Print [Watermark Info]
    Prints sold in my eBay store & being given away as part of the contest contain a small tag [not shown in display image] containing copyright identification.  Other than the discrete ID tag, [located in a light color font in the upper left corner of this print] physical prints do not contain additional watermarks shown on the display images.

    Contest Ends Monday July 21st [7:00 PM EDT] & winners of prints for each image will be announced Tuesday evening. 

    Users outside of North America are eligible to enter however contest prints are being USPS First Class Mail & may take several weeks to arrive depending on your location. 

    Other Contests Ending Monday July 21st:

    Montreal Canadiens PK Subban Art Print Contest -

    Nashville Predators Seth Jones Art Print Contest -

    Edmonton Oilers Ryan Nugent-Hopkins & Philadelphia Flyers Goalie Steve Mason Art Print Contest -

    Philadelphia Flyers Sean Couturier & Matt Read Art Print Contest -

    Philadelphia Flyers Brayden Schenn Art Print Contest -

    Philadelphia Flyers Scott Hartnell Art Print Contests -

    Philadelphia Flyers Vinny Lecavalier Art Print Contest - 

    Philadelphia Flyers Jay Rosehill Art Print Contest -

     Note:  Those of you who recognize some of my friends blog names in the post notes — no worries, they’re not eligible for the contest prizes, just helping to promote the contest information.   

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    7-1, domino! #USAHockey #TeamUSA #JonathanQuick #Goalie #Tendy #goUSAgo #DawnsEarlyLight #Sochi #Olympics

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    One Player Per Team:

    Evgeni Nabokov (Islanders)

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    Team USA hockey ladies!

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    Quick: please go away im done saving pucks for the night its time 4 a nap

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