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    Stuff Love About Hockey …

    When the Goalie Does This

    Washington Capitals Goaltender Justin Peters

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    Stuff I Still Argue With My Friends About Hockey

    Stuff I Wonder About Hockey 

    What’s got Mike Smith so angry anyway?

    If you watch the terrible officiating in this video you’ll get a sense of why Mike Smith is always so angry. 

    Dustin Brown gets a well deserved penalty [considering he lives in LA, you’d think his acting would be better] but it’s FOR THE WRONG REASON!!  Mike Smith’s waiting to hear what even the casual observer can see is an obvious a ’Goaltender Interference’ call & instead Brown’s is headed to box for a piss-poor acting performance. 

    The replay shows Mike Smith using his goalie stick in an attempt to deflect a puck [a little too early], which was slightly further away than he’d anticipated utilizing what some would call a slightly unorthodox goaltending technique. 

    Next thing you know, the league’s dumbest player decides to skate DIRECTLY into the path of Mike Smith’s stick, which would have prevented the netminder from making the save had Smith not misjudged how the puck’s distance at the time. 

    Textbook definition of goaltender interference.    .   

    The fact that the puck is nowhere in the vicinity of the crease at the time, bears no consequence on Dustin Brown’s responsibility to avoid interfering with [what Mike Smith believed to be] a save attempt.  

    As if the ‘no call’ for interference wasn’t bad, dumb-ass Dustin puts on the worst performance I’ve ever seen on ice for the purpose of implying that Mike Smith, without any provocation, would take his eye off the puck, & with the force & intensity he uses to send pucks hurling to the other end of the ice, suddenly decides to make contact with the vulnerable area on the back of Brown’s knees make contact to the vulnerable area on the back of the skater’s knees, with a single piece composite stick!  WTF! 

    That doesn’t sound like the Mike Smith I know. 

    Brown should have gotten two penalties for that one! Instead Brown’s single penalty is cancelled out when the ref gives doles out a penalty to the already quite angered Mike Smith!!

    The embellishment penalty is acknowledgement from the ref that Brown took a dive, so could the unoffending netminder have done anything wrong?  

    I do blame Mike Smith in part as he’s fully aware Brown is so fucking stupid he can’t figure out which end of the water bottle to drink from, so Smith was wrong for assuming Brown could figure out away he’d need to be in order to avoid interfering with the path of Smith’s stick. 

    Unfortunately for Dustin Brown, it was a few more potatoes from Smith’s blue paint. 

    I hope if nothing else, the incidental contact occurring as Brown interfered with Smith’s mistimed deflection helps Brown remember how far to stay from Mike Smith [and his stick] in the future to avoid possibly injuring himself and/or taking a penalty for goaltender interference. 

    Likewise, should a similar situation occur, Mike Smith [understanding Brown’s limited capacity for such information] could provide a respectful reminder warning to his fellow NHLer along the lines of :

    "If you don’t move a few fucking potatoes to the left, I swear to god my stick is going to make incidental contact with the back of your knees so hard you’ll need to embellish yourself onto a stretcher" you just might be able to embellish your way onto a stretcher" 

    Even if Brown is unable to process this information, it would certainly send one of his teammates to aid him in getting out of the way of Smith making saves, especially when deflecting what some might call a ‘phantom puck’. 

    This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that’s got Netminder Smith so angry he needs to vent his frustrations by violently smashing his goalstick on the posts and/or crossbar of the net. 


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    #notAGoalie #stillAHottie



    Stuff I Wonder About Hockey

    I usually don’t have a favorite team, but I finally decided Rik Nash was a totally hottie & I want to be a New York Rangers fan.  The only thing is, I live in Southern New Jersey & my local NHL team [Philadelphia Flyers] isn’t really the most appropriate place to wear a New York Rangers "I <3 Rick Nash" tee shirt. 

    So I was thinking — what if I get one of those “Potvin Sucks" Tee Shirts.  Even though they wouldn’t technically be playing against the Islanders, everyone from New York [including Rick Nash] would know I was a New York Rangers fan.  But it’s not like anyone in Philadelphia would care whether or not I disliked Denis Potvin or argue as to whether or not he sucks. 

    So is this a fair compromise?  Or do I just go all out & get one of those “Girls Like their Hockey Dirty Filthy NASHty” Tee-Shirts & tell all the snooty bitchy Philadelphia Fans to go fuck off if they have a problem with it?

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    *** Contest *** Free To Enter *** Art Prints *** Original Photography

    Carey Price Montreal Canadiens Goalie 5x5 Graphic Design Art Print Contest
    [2 Winners Will Be Selected]
    Details:  I just opened an eBay store to sell unique Art Prints of photographs I shot during the 2013-14 NHL Hockey Season.  To help spread the word about the new store, I’m giving away several small test copies of Art Prints on TNG-Photography.tumblr.com [Tumblr] site.

    I selected several designs for the contest & will have a separate contest post for each image.  Only image posts with contest information are  part of the contest.  [But feel free to ‘like’ or tumblr reblog  any posts]. 

    Rules & Prizes :
    - The top two users to have followers [or other users] reblog this post from their blog [aka The two Tumblr users whose names appear the most after the “reblogged this from” in post notes] each receive ONE [1] 5x5” Glossy Art Print of Carey Price Montreal Canadiens Goalie Test Print [Similar to one of the designs shown in the photo.]

    These and 150+ other NHL Hockey Original Art Prints are available for sale at my new eBay Store http://stores.ebay.com/tng-photography

    The Fine Print [Watermark Info]
    Prints sold in my eBay store & being given away as part of the contest contain a small tag [not shown in display image] containing copyright identification.  Other than the discrete ID tag, [located in a light color font in the upper left corner of this print] physical prints do not contain additional watermarks shown on the display images.

    Contest Ends Monday July 21st [7:00 PM EDT] & winners of prints for each image will be announced Tuesday evening. 

    Users outside of North America are eligible to enter however contest prints are being USPS First Class Mail & may take several weeks to arrive depending on your location. 

    Other Contests Ending Monday July 21st:

    Montreal Canadiens PK Subban Art Print Contest -

    Nashville Predators Seth Jones Art Print Contest -

    Edmonton Oilers Ryan Nugent-Hopkins & Philadelphia Flyers Goalie Steve Mason Art Print Contest -

    Philadelphia Flyers Sean Couturier & Matt Read Art Print Contest -

    Philadelphia Flyers Brayden Schenn Art Print Contest -

    Philadelphia Flyers Scott Hartnell Art Print Contests -

    Philadelphia Flyers Vinny Lecavalier Art Print Contest - 

    Philadelphia Flyers Jay Rosehill Art Print Contest -

     Note:  Those of you who recognize some of my friends blog names in the post notes — no worries, they’re not eligible for the contest prizes, just helping to promote the contest information.   

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    7-1, domino! #USAHockey #TeamUSA #JonathanQuick #Goalie #Tendy #goUSAgo #DawnsEarlyLight #Sochi #Olympics

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    One Player Per Team:

    Evgeni Nabokov (Islanders)

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